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Reading Corner

"A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it."

We all know this, guys: reading and writing go hand in hand. That's why we offer a TON of free reading resources for the public. Check out our links below to join one of our live reading sessions!

Which reading session should I join?

Reading Labs

Want to improve on specific skillsets within reading? Come join one of our bi-monthly reading labs!

Girl with Folders

Book Reviews

Our community has some VORACIOUS readers. Find out which books they recommend? (And which ones to avoid...)

Writing a Book

Book Club

Join us for a monthly discussion about classic and contemporary literature!

Enjoying a Read


From books lists to additional reading skills, we have so much to offer over on our Reading Corner blog! Come check it out.

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Teacher on Board

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All right, so you just had an awesome time at the Reading Lab, and the Book Club really got you thinking. But reading is only STEP ONE to being a good writer! Now you have to do the hard part ... WRITE!

We offer prompts based on our reading lab, which will then be edited and reviewed by our wonderful editors.

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Our student portal gives you access to a number of prompts in under TEN different category including "Reading Corner"! Every assignment comes with reading material and specific instructions.

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