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the quarantine diaries

Written by students at Eyre Writing Center

Grades 4-8

The Quarantine Diaries are a satirical collection of the thoughts, emotions, and reflections of young students during the period of social distancing. Ranging from short to long, from bitter to joyful, students unleash their barest confessions—hours spent on YouTube, fearful trips to the park, wayward baking adventures—as a global pandemic rages around them. 


Since quarantine started, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to do my play. It was supposed to happen on my mom’s birthday and everyone was bummed, but then they decided that they were going to make a movie out of our play on Zoom. They would record it and then piece all the shots together. It was so exciting! I am so happy that they decided to let the show go on! This would be the first movie I am acting in and hopefully it can be the first of many!

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