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❤️I love the way EWJ operates! With the meeting in the beginning to practice tests to see what group fits best for you is terrific! Can’t wait to see what EWJ has in store for us next year! This place is a honor for me to be in! I have never thought that my writing could have been an better if it wasn’t for EWJ. Even my thoughts for the real world has reestablished it’s definition! Thank you EWJ for everything you have give us! This was truly a honor and a moment never to slip in the dark abyss in our minds instead it will stay with us where ever we go! ❤️❤️❤️

Check out more testimonials! Bonus: Love letters to our editors from the students 🤗

A New Writing Center for a New Age

We believe that strong writing skills serve as the bedrock of being a stronger thinker. That ability to write and think clearly is integral not only to a liberal arts education, but also to our roles in the community at large.

What We Offer

As part of a single membership to EWC community, you will have access to our proprietary EWC Notebook software. With an EWC Notebook account, you will have access to all of the following products:


"My Desk"

Find inspiration for your freewrites and submit your independent work to us to review!

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Our School

Want to work on your reading & writing fundamentals? Join our course!


Apply for EWJ

Think you're an advaned writer? Learn journalism basics Join our staff at EWJ and get published! 



Got a deadline for a paper that you have to hit? Get assigned the right editor through EWC Workpass.

What is Notebook?

Our EWC Notebook is where you can access all our writing services. Through our proprietary platform, you can submit all your writing pieces. Our editors will edit your assignments and give you an opportunity to change your piece based on our suggestions! This iterative feedback process pinpoints what areas you need to improve upon and is what helps you improve.

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Step 1

Open your portal and Initiate an assignment on in My Desk, My Homework, or My EWJ. 

Step 2

Within 24 hours, submit the first draft of your writing piece to your editor for review.

Step 3

After receiving your editors' feedback, make the suggested changes in Draft 2.*

Step 4

Identify the areas of improvement that your editor highlighted. Keep writing!

*Not applicable for EWC Homework assignments. Note that writing projects submitted through EWC Workpass have 3 rounds of edits.

Our Team

We are unbelievably proud of our team! Join our Community and say hello to them.


Jane Chen

Jane Chen is Founder of Eyre Writing Center. Originally from New York City, Jane worked with students on their writing on a pro bono basis for nearly a decade. Prior to EWC, she worked as a Senior Investment Analyst for various asset management firms in New York and Europe. Jane graduated from Harvard University cum laude as a History concentrator (with a focus in financial history and secondary in Economics) and a Blankfein Family Scholar in 2012. She previously attended the Trinity School in Manhattan.


Joanna Tan

Joanna Tan is a Partner at Eyre Writing Center. Upon graduating from the Harvard Kennedy School in 2016 with an MPA and prior joining EWC, Joanna worked as a management analyst in online education and e-commerce industries. A simultaneous interpreter by training, Joanna used to interpret for high-level international conferences including the Beijing Olympic Games and the Asia Security Summit: the Shangri-La Dialogue. She's also a lawyer by training and an alumna of Peking University and Beijing Foreign Studies University.


Sam Benkelman

Sam Benkelman is Partner at Eyre Writing Center. In 2011, Sam graduated as a Linguistics concentrator from Harvard with a secondary in Computer Science. He is particularly interested in the cross-linguistic structure of language, and he recently won the Fulbright Fellowship to teach English grammar abroad in the Czech Republic. Sam also served as an Undergraduate Fellow at the Derek Bok Center for Teaching & Learning and as a research assistant for Harvard’s Linguistics Department and Graduate School of Education.


Elena Unger

Elena Unger is an editor for The EWJ. She is a rising sophomore at Yale University majoring in English. Her love for writing began with discovering poetry in middle school; in recent years she has experimented with writing op-eds, long form journalism, short stories, and personal essays. Her poetry has been published in The Atlanta Review, The Whales of Arcadia Magazine, The Elevation Review, Elementia, and by Riza Press. She was the recipient of the Atlanta Review’s 2020 International Publication Award. In her free time, Elena works as a staff writer and editor for the Yale Herald as well as a literacy tutor for New Haven Reads. 


Stephanie Jennis

Stephanie Jennis is an English teacher at Randolph High School in New Jersey. She lives and breathes all things writing, reading, and creativity. Stephanie began a non-profit organization, which helps students with all abilities to recognize their passions and give back to the community. She is so excited to work with students this summer, so they can feel empowered by their abilities and newfound learning. 


Sadie Cornette Cook

Sadie is an artist and writer based in Reykjavik. In 2020, Saide graduated from Yale with a BA in art, Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, and with distinction in the major. Sadie has worked as an editor for several publications, received numerous awards, including a Fulbright, and work with writers and artists of all levels.

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