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The Quarantine Rant: Vincent Liu

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

By: Vincent Liu

A satirical, comedic rant exposing all of Vincent's innermost thoughts surrounding quarantine...

Okay, let me start this off by saying QUARANTINE SUCKS. It used to be fun because the amount of school is reduced and I have more time for other stuff and I occasionally got to watch a movie. But, slowly my mom started increasing my classes slowly and my time for other stuff decreased fast. Now, I have like a bajillion bazillion meetings every week and barely any time to do anything else, which suck. Everybody else is learning stuff like cooking, knitting, and stuff that they are interested in, but I have to learn academic learning such as coding, E.L.A, my vocab, writing, website design, math, and many more. I am studying from the point I wake up-about 7:30, which is about 11 hours and 30 minutes, which might seem like not a lot but think about it, I study from the point I wake up to the time I sleep not including my 30 minutes to play + breakfast, lunch, and dinner + the occasional point where one of my books arrives and I get like 15-30 minutes to read it. Which is the same every day repeated until maybe quarantine ends. Wake up, all that brush your teeth and stuff, breakfast, study, some(very little) breaks, lunch, study, dinner, study, 30 minutes to play, study, and then brush your teeth stuff like that, and sleep. BORING (or to quote Kevin: “obnoxiously boring”. Oh yeah, and I forgot having to run 5k every day, getting annoyed by my little brother(he is really annoying), how all this studying is on the computer so it sometimes gives me a headache or hurts my eyes, and my time to play has been decreasing since the start of quarantine. First, it was like 2 and ½ hours, then it turned into 2 hours, 1 and ½ hours, 1 hour, then ½ an hour. Maybe it’ll even keep decreasing. So pretty much everybody else is having fun and I’m not. I just wish quarantine would be over or maybe at least they could open the parks. Maybe my mom would let me play a little more. It’s just I feel really overwhelmed by this sudden gigantic load of studying. I also forgot to mention I live in an apartment which means I’m practically trapped in a really small space with nothing to do but study, eat, and have a little number of breaks. Also, could this not be mentioned to my mom? If she read this, she would probably explode and I would be dead. I also know I just wrote a ton of complaints to quarantine but there is a small, very small good thing about quarantine, I get to play a little bit more, usually, I only get to play on the car to swim practice which is dependent on where we go, most of the time, swim practice is at Union which is like a 5-minute drive but occasionally we go to Burnt Hills which is like a 15-minute drive but now I get to play 30 minutes a day, sometimes less but usually 30 minutes a day. Okay, now let’s focus on some of the little good things about quarantine. Some times, I get to play video games with my best friend Kevin plus, me and my friends still get to chat a lot and on my birthday, I got to take a break from all of this studying for three days, plus I got a lightsaber, made sushi for dinner, went on a hike, and lots more, but the bad things still suck more than the good things. BY FAR. Okay, by writing this, I just found something else that sucks, I’ve been pouring my heart out in this doc so long, It’s already been 3 hours. Guess I won’t be able to play today and I’ll just stay up till midnight to finish my stuff. Oh well.

-Vincent Liu

Author's note: Most of this is a joke like how much I hate quarantine, the mom part, how I have to stay up until midnight, and how I took 3 hours writing this. Most of the other stuff like my schedule and stuff is true but with a few exaggerations here and there. I hope you enjoyed this!

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