The Tomato that Got Squashed

By Andy Dong

Once there was a Tomato who lived in a refrigerator. Once, the Tomato got really cold so it busted out of the refrigerator. Nobody noticed that the refrigerator was open so it wasted all the energy. It cost them 5,942,000 dollars. Anyway, the Tomato jumped until it reached Costco.

Then for some reason, the Tomato accidentally got stuck on the ceiling. Then it fell on somebody’s head. That somebody picked up the tomato and was about to put it in the aisle where they sell tomatoes because he thought it was from Costco. Then another person told him that the tomato was his favorite fruit, but the guy that was holding the tomato told him it was a vegetable. 

They got into a heated debate about whether a tomato was a vegetable or a fruit. The tomato hopped off again until it reached the frozen aisle. The tomato jumped in an ice cream refrigerator and hid behind an ice cream so nobody would notice him. He got so cold but he did not come out until he had ice on him when somebody came and opened the door and accidentally knocked him over. The guy took the tomato and went home because he decided to eat the tomato instead of the ice cream. The tomato’s ice melted and he was back to normal. But then somebody grabbed him off a shelf and tried to cut his leaf. Since his hands were slippery he dropped the tomato and the tomato had to balance himself to keep his leaf on or else he might have been mistaken for an apple, a tomato’s worst enemy. 

Then the person picked up the tomato and started washing the tomato. The tomato did not like it so he held on to a nearby telephone and called 911. The police came but the person was shocked so he dropped the tomato and the tomato rolled into the driveway where it was squished and squashed by the police car's wheels.

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