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By: Chloe Kwon

Everyone who wasn’t new to Colman West Middle knew that Jaydell Merle was the richest kid in the whole school. His friends expected him to be “in good manner” or “be spoiled” because he was rich. But Jaydell didn’t want to be spoiled or in a good manner, he wanted a normal life, normal parents and normal looks. Unfortunately, life wasn’t a fairytale–waiting for the thing a person wanted to be granted.

“HURRY!” A voice echoed down the halls of 13-year-old Jaydell Merle’s mansion. Jaydell hopped out of a doorway, trying to put on his socks, his 5th grade baseball tee, and his backpack at the same time. “JAYDELL!?” The voice echoed again. When he finally got his clothes on, he climbed down the stairs winding down and down until he reached a shiny room on the very last floor. “There you are.” It was Richard, Jaydell’s stepfather, who was known to be greedy with his bank investments and the economy. Jaydell looked all over the garage, it was filled to the brim with gizmos and gadgets and crystal statues, which he wasn’t even interested in. He looked at the 2 cars parked in the middle of the garage. They were a Yellow Lamborghini and a Silver Bugatti. He winced, by the looks of them, the cars might as well have been as expensive as the mansion itself. Richard looked at Jaydell and tapped his watch.

Richard was a spiffy man, every day he would cleanse himself very carefully, which took him an hour, and slathered on 5 layers of his special hair gel. Then he would put on a tuxedo, a button rose, and a golden watch, which he said was made from original gold, to pull together the look.

Richard hopped in the Yellow Lamborghini and started the engine. Jaydell hopped in the well airconditioned back seat and buckled up. The Lamborghini closed the automatic door. The car backed up and raced onto the main road, and in a few minutes, they were at school. But Richard hadn’t brought him to the school he was expecting him to.

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