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The Monsters’ School Cafeteria Lunch

By: Boya Hu

Monsters in Blood Claw Monster School eat unique and disgusting lunches every day. The cafeteria lady is a prisoner, who is a fairy. Her name is Pepper, she is known for using her magic to make either the most disgusting or delicious foods. Every lunch she makes disgusting food for stinky trolls, hungry giants, selfish pirates, and monsters. It is not a pleasant job, but she is still making the best food that she can for the monsters.

There are 439 stinky trolls, 937 hungry giants, 284 selfish pirates, and 10,289 monsters of every kind. Usually on Monday, trolls and pirates will have rotten goose eggs with squid heads, and for the drink, they will have the slime of a slug mixed with poop from geese. On Monday, monsters and giants get ant urine on dung beetle with a pinch of poison ivy. Drinks will either be poison of a scorpion or toasted lice in a salamander’s tail smoothie.

On Tuesdays, trolls and pirates have mushroom mold on shark eyes with pufferfish spit. For monsters and giants, there is ward-infested lizards on rotten coconuts with mud. Then, from Wednesday to Thursday, monsters, pirates, trolls, and giants bring their own lunches. Fridays are the days that Pepper hates because monsters, pirates, trolls, and giants have an all you a can eat buffet. She makes any lunch monsters, pirates, giants, trolls want in 1 minute! Sometimes, if she does not finish before 1 minute, she gets rotten or moldy food thrown at her delicate face.

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