The life of a tennis ball

By Andrew Tan

I’m a tennis ball. My life is simple. The only thing I have to do is look nice and new. Humans hit us back and forth, back and forth. If we don’t look nice, the humans will throw us out or never use us. When humans hit us, it is our exercise.

We often get separated from our family. I haven’t seen my mom nor dad for 10 years. We got separated because humans left us laying behind curtains, fences, or in the wild. They left my mom in the wild and my dad behind curtains. My home is extremely squishy. I have 99 tennis neighbors living right on top of each other. It may sound uncomfortable, but we get used to it. My favorite type of human is the one who hits me consistently and in the blue. I hate the kind who always hits me out because then they might forget where they hit me. In some cases, I get picked up by a dog. They drool all over me!

In the end, being a tennis ball is extremely hard. I like being a tennis ball because you don’t have to move. Most of my friends don’t like it but I love it.

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