Solar Eclipse

By Andrew Tan

In 2024, there will be a total solar eclipse that will hit America.

A total solar eclipse is a rare moment to see. The moon orbits around the Earth diagonally. So, the moon must be in the middle for a total solar eclipse. Also, the moon would have to be a new moon because the moon must be blocking sunlight from Earth. A new moon is when the moon is in the middle of the Earth and the sun. The moon must be there for a solar eclipse because the moon can't block sunlight from other phases of the lunar cycle. The total solar eclipse isn’t everywhere. You can only see it if you're in the moon’s umbra. The last time a total solar eclipse hit New York was in 1925, s. So this is a once in a lifetime chance. If you ask, how often does a total solar eclipse hit the town you live in? The average answer is about 375 years. If you’re in the moon’s penumbra you will only see a partial shadow, but in the moon’s umbra you can see a full shadow. This may be your only chance to see a total eclipse in America, so go to around Buffalo, New York to see it in 2024 in around April. If you do go, never look at the sun while it is eclipsed or you will have permanent damage to your eyes or even blindness. To look at the sun, you should only look at it during a full eclipse. If you ask, why is a total solar eclipse so rare? The answer is the new moon is sometimes too high or low. The new moon must be in the middle. The date for this solar eclipse that is going to hit North America is April 8, 2024.

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