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Ancient Writing of Australia is Now Displayed in Museums

By: Emma Xing

There are many languages and much more to discover. And recently an ancient Australian one has been discovered!

However much of the language still remains undecipherable. Linguistic Anthropologist Piers Kellys says that little in the way of important new research on message sticks where the language is discovered on was published in the 20th Century.

To decode the inscriptions, the help of Indigenous elders is needed. But without their help, the upcoming future generations may lose the understanding of this valuable relic of their roots.

The motifs printed on each stick could signify words of war, death, peace, marriage and lots more possibilities. Dr Lorina Barker, a descendant of the Wangkumara and Muruwari Indigenous people of Australia understands these message sticks carry a meaningful connection to their roots.

She explained these languages should be kept because they signal different signs and were important to the ancient people and should not be lost forever.

What do you think? Should this ancient language be kept and used?

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