On the Seahawks

By: Ian Hill

Dear Editor,

The article I chose to write about was called “Wagner Voted Best In The Game”. I chose this because I am a huge Seahawks fan, and Bobby Wagner is in the Seahawks. The article says that Wagner had 159 tackles this season, which was the highest in the league, and went to the Pro Bowl. Just imagine, for a second, trying to tackle huge, muscular people, moving at full speed. I probably cannot do it once. This guy did it 159 times. Incredible.

In case you do not know what the Pro Bowl is, fans around the country vote on who they think the best player in the league is. The NFL hosts one match, and in that match, all of the best players in the league come for one week to do skills challenges, dodgeball, and in the end, one big game.

Bobby Wagner is probably one of my favorite players. Russell Wilson is first, but Bobby Wagner is a very, very close second.

The reason I liked this article is because I knew what the article was talking about, and could relate to it because I am a football player (and nerd). Anyway, this article was highly interesting to me.


Ian Hill

EWJ Student



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