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New Device Enables People to See Through The Mask

By Andrew Chan

An amazing breakthrough in science has taken place in Cheng Zhang’s lab at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York..Y. Zhang. There, a guy named Tuochao Chen came up with the idea to make a device that is able to detect smiles and frowns, even those hidden under a in the mask. This invention is calleds it C-face, and it can help society better understand each other, which is Zhang’s goal in life.

Though this invention seems quite cool at first, some think it isn’t so convenient. This is because some people don’t want to have a camera in front of their face all the time. Well, Zhang and his team are already trying to find a solution to that. This solution is to make a bracelet to track facial movements, and since bracelets to track hand movements already exist, this shouldn’t be that hard.



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