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Death of the Crimson Witch of Flames

By: Zerlina Tang

A coffin is placed

In the lobby of an organization base

An “innocent” young girl

With her eyes closed

Sings softly to

The ashes

As an elder with a short white beard

And a twilight mask


As he demolishes another piece on the chessboard

The black pieces are mainly present except for two pawns

As the white pawns have all vanished

Only left with the king defenseless

“The sages think themselves to be all-knowing

But we alone are wise to the virtue in those acts of folly.

In this war, not even a single pawn may be spared...

Because on this chessboard, ‘checkmate’ is not where the game ends.”

A crimson moth lands on the frozen coffin

As a stout man with a large nose

And delicate glasses says

“We are gathered here today to remember our dear comrade

In honor of her sacrifice, all work should halt for half a day as the nation mourns her passing.…”

The tall man with extravagant rings

And a fake smile merely shakes his head

“Hehe, merely half a day...

People say the Northland Bank’s true currencies are blood and tears....

But Mayor, even speaking as a banker, that sounds a little unconscionable.”

A woman with a spiteful expression

Has her eyes narrowed

“Rosalyne died in a foreign land...

But you heartless businessmen and dignitaries

Always with a convenient excuse to remain in the comfort of your homeland...

You couldn’t hope to understand

So why don’t you keep your mouths shut!

We don’t want to make the children cry...”

As the arguing continued

The coffin, now coated with ice and snow,

Is moved to the frigid cold outside

The moth lands lightly on the coffin

As it burns into ashes of flames

An icy female voice whispers

“Sorry…To have you shoulder the grievances of the world

Since you endured my bitter cold

Perhaps you have the desire to burn once again?


Even in your death

Burn the Old World


For me.”

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