Celebrating Beethoven’s 250th Birthday

By Julia Xiao

The Classical music industry plans on going wild with Beethoven’s 250th Birthday celebration. Beethoven’s precise birthday is uncertain, but it is known that the date of Beethoven’s Baptism date was on December 17, 1770 in Bonn Germany. People have assumed that Beethoven’s birthday is on the 16th, due to the custom of baptizing someone within a day of their birth.

Throughout the year, performances are scheduled in tribute to Beethoven. Carnegie Hall would dedicate roughly ⅕ of its 2019-2020 music to his music and a yearlong festival would be held at the Barbican Center in London honoring Beethoven.

However, the pandemic has caused Beethoven’s birthday party to be canceled, along with the other performances scheduled.

Although Beethoven’s appearance is unorderly, through his music, Beethoven has brought to us expressive, emotional music that has greatly influenced many musicians from his time until today. His odd behaviour, appearance, and deafness may have contributed to his mind blowing work.

Beethoven had written 9 symphonies throughout his lifetime. The last symphony was written well after his ears had gone completely deaf. He is well known for the Moonlight sonatas, Eroica symphony (the third symphony), the fifth symphony, and Fur Elise, among others. These pieces are known to be expressive and emotional.



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