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Matildas beat France in Insane Penalty Shootout

By: Selena Zhu

The Matildas beat France in a penalty shootout that was to be the world’s longest penalty shootout in men’s and women’s soccer history. With 20 kicks to decide the winner, the shootout took a fourth of the game. With the score scoreless, the Matildas just edged out France 7-6.

“This is what a World Cup does on home soil: it brings everyone together,” he said. “The nation together. Everyone’s following the Matildas. Everyone’s behind them. Everyone’s believing they can go all the way and just this, this winning penalty from Vine, it gives you that belief that they can go all the way.”

The previous longest was the Sweden-USA shootout earlier in this World Cup, which went seven rounds, while the longest men’s shootout was six rounds between West Germany and France in the 1982 semi-final and the 1994 quarterfinal between Sweden and Romania.

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