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12 hour

By: Alvin Fang

Once upon a time, a Tiger named James turned 12. And although he had been 6, 8, and 7, he had certainly not been 12. He thought to himself, “I shall host a party!”

He started preparing right away with decorations more beautiful than a rainbow and more shiny than gold. Next, he went to the kitchen starting with cakes, then buns, and soon moved on. Although he created a mess, he also made a feast.

He called 12 of his friends. A gorilla, a rabbit, a cat, a dog, two giraffes, a duck, an alligator, a hippo, a monkey, and two lions arrived at his home at 10:00. When they got to the entrance hall, they saw… a banquet! With pillars taller than the tallest skyscraper, walls more expensive than the most expensive diamonds, and the food looking more delicious than an Ice cream caramel, mint chocolate, cone with a cherry on top.

However, when the guests started to want to dig in, James said: “No, not yet. We shall wait until the 12th hour!” so that’s what they did.

[I would give a sentence here that introduces the idea of playing games while they wait!] The first game was a race and the lions went on to win. The next game was soccer. And although the cat was relying on her four legs to walk, she dominated the whole game. Near the patio, A gorilla, and a rabbit were playing a nice game of chess. After the gorilla captured the rabbit's queen, the rabbit resigned. The final game was tug-o-war with both teams equal weight. However, when the hippo fell, It was all over for team 2.

But no one cared about winning or losing. It was 12:00 and they were all so eager to dig in. When they got there, however, they saw it had been all eaten. Although one of the 12 had eaten it, they all denied it. James told all not to be afraid and went to the kitchen and made 12 sandwiches. They all ate in the backyard happily. But no one seemed to figure out who ate the feast.

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