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What Santa Claus Looks Like Around The World

By: Ethan&Connie Cao

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas friends from all around the world! Want to see what I look like here? Did you know that Santa Claus looks different in every country? You may think he is just a man dressed in red with a white beard, no matter where he goes. But you would be wrong. Here are some examples of different Clauses.

In France, Santa wears fashionable red cloaks and a white beard. He puts treats or gifts in a kid's shoes on Christmas Day. French Santa is usually called Pere Noel or Father Christmas. In Italy, children look forward to meeting the “Christmas Witch.” She brings gifts to the “nice” children and coal to the naughty children. According to local folklore, when the Three Wise Men sought baby Jesus, they asked an elderly woman to join them. She declined because she wanted to finish cleaning her house. The old lady now flies across Italy on her broomstick every year to find and shower baby Jesus with gifts. The friendly, soot-covered which is also known to sweep the houses she visits. According to dogonews, ”to show their gratitude, families often leave her a glass of wine and a plate of traditional treats.”

Iceland might have the most unusual Christmas visitors yet. 13 Yule Lads replace Santa's role. They take turns sneaking into children’s rooms on the 13 nights leading to Christmas Eve. Each Yule Lad is mischievous. Some steal candles, others make milk curdle, or slam doors.

However, each leaves generous presents in children’s shows. Moving on to Switzerland, two Santas come to visit the kids. One Santa who is the “good” Santa gives kind kids a sack of treats. The “bad” Santa gives twigs to naughty kids but he rarely hands them out instead he reminds the kids to behave. Every country has a different culture.

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