We Should Allow Ex-Felons to Vote

By: Logan He

Dear Editor,

Hello! I am writing this letter because it is unfair to ignore people who might have messed up in life and take away their right to vote. It blew my mind that the Supreme Court said Florida can exclude ex-felons from voting. Only around 42% of the population who are eligible to vote actually vote. And if you exclude some of them then we will not have even less voters. This number is likely to decrease with coronavirus and people not willing to go through the complicated computer process so taking the ex-felons out will make it even worse. I feel like they still would make the right choice because many crimes are irrelevant to decision making in voting. People might say that it is just one state that is going to reject the ex-felons of voting but Florida has a lot of electoral votes and is targeted by both parties because it is a swing state.

This issue matters because if we do not get enough people to vote then we would not have the consent of the people with only a small fraction of people voting. Also this would defy the constitution because it restricts people who are eligible from voting. And in this upcoming election if we do not have the entire population voting this is not a fair election. The CNN news says these people have charged crimes and that means they were charged money for speeding or something and that is irrelevant to their decision making in voting. These people are even more likely to make a good decision because they really want to do something good and not bad because they likely have learned from the charge.

We should reverse what the supreme court said because it is unjustful and not very good for the situation we are in. We could also force the local governments to let the people vote by protesting. Many people will think this is too hard but this election is for our nation’s very soul and if we don't stop this it might change our country's history.




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