UK Free of EU Rules

By Jeddy Yu

The United Kingdom broke its ties with the European Union (EU) on December 3, 2020 at 11 pm. Now the UK does not need to follow EU rules anymore. Both sides still needed to reach an agreement making the rules and how things will function; the deadline was December 31, 2020. In late December both sides said that it was unlikely to make a deal, but finally on December 24, the UK government said a deal was made. The other 27 countries in the EU agreed to the deal on December 28. The voting was on December 30. The agreement was 1,200 pages long. It covered medicine, security, and how things are sold and bought. There would be no taxes on items that would be bought or sold. Now it is much harder to cross borders because there are different passports in these different places. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson celebrated the UK being free from EU rules. Some people in the UK are not happy about this, but most people agree that this was better than not making an agreement and leaving. For now it has not had a big impact on the lives of the UK citizens.



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