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Top Health Experts Should Be the Leaders in COVID-19 Pandemic

By: Kevin Lee

Dear Editor,

During the past few days, Dr. Fauci has been blasted by the White House and Trump Administration. As the nation struggles with handling the coronavirus pandemic, the White House has only been rebuking advice from America’s top health expert. Instead of rebuking expert evidence from people who know how to handle the current pandemic, we should comply with their requests so we can return to our daily lives as fast as we can.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many American citizens and the government have ignored Fauci’s advice. According to the Gov. Kevin Stitt, in Oklahoma, nearly half of all COVID-19 cases in the state after reopening in late April had been from people under 35 which comes after young Americans ignoring advice to stay away from large groups. The U.S. Government also has been ignoring the top health expert in the nation by not inviting him to a coronavirus briefing with Trump going further telling health experts that they were wrong about masks and that they were useless.

Instead of ignoring top health experts who have the knowledge and experience to fight a deadly pandemic, we should follow their restrictions to give them less to worry about. The people or the government should comply with restrictions to be a role model for the country so others will follow suit, wary of critical criticism if they don’t follow along.

Although the U.S. is crumbling in unity, the government or the people can follow top health officials to lead the way in stopping the pandemic.

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