Reopening Schools

By: Evan Mei

Dear Editor,

School reopening has been one of the most controversial topics so far. For one thing, the best solution would be to go completely virtual. However, this is ignoring the economy, mental health, and all of Trump’s threats. Schools cannot completely open either, as this would cause a huge flood of cases. People usually think that kids have no problem with the coronavirus and that it is fine. This is not the case. No age group is completely immune, and if parents need to pick kids up, the virus can spread amongst adults.

Another huge factor is the nature of kids. High school students and middle school students are mature. Can you keep a kindergartener from socializing and entering a 6 foot radius? It would be nearly impossible. Another factor is masks. People are just uncomfortable with masks. It makes it harder to breath, and it scratches at the face. Some doctors come home with marks from the bands on masks and goggles.

Schools are very delicate for this reason. We cannot rush nor completely stop. One solution is half and half; one half goes to physical school, another to virtual. However, this comes with its own problems. Teachers have to figure out a way to teach physical and virtual students. Along with this, it is very hard to run so many computers and log online into a single network.

However, this is the best available option. It reduces the likelihood of spreading, and also keeps kids in school. Another great thing about this solution is the fact that it alternates groups, meaning that a person spends less time in school than what they normally would. We should also let parents decide if they want their kids to go full virtual. That is honestly the best choice. America has not completely healed. We cannot underestimate the threat of this virus and freely let everyone out of their home to roam around.



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