Not All of Donald Trump’s Actions are Bad

By Jasmine Wang

President Donald Trump has been portrayed in an unusually bad light by many people on social media and in the news during his entire presidency. Although a lot of these complaints are not unreasonable, many people fail to realize and accept the aspects of government and society that President Trump has actually improved. 

Nowadays, many people bash others because of a differing opinion without fully hearing out the other side’s views. Others are easily offended by little things that weren’t previously viewed as offensive. And whilst some of Trump’s actions may be morally incorrect and should not be hidden, the quick shutdowns that occur frequently on social media hinder the spreading of other information. 

Trump has caused tax cuts that have greatly boosted the economy of the United States. There was an average increase of $3,100 in savings per household during the time at which Donald Trump was president. Unemployment rates have also fallen to the lowest it has been in around 50 years, with unemployment for African Americans and Hispanics being the lowest it has been in history. This change is drastic and impressive - particularly because of the years of high unemployment and little economic growth under the previous president, President Obama. Additionally, these changes, unlike what is frequently portrayed in social media, have positively affected ordinary people - not just the wealthy upper class citizens. 

Trump has also helped negotiate a historic agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. He helped them establish full diplomatic relations - including the establishment of permanent embassies and introducing direct airline flights between the two countries. This agreement is very important and historic because it may help finally establish more peace in the Middle East’s Arab countries which have been having tense relationships and conflicts over the span of many years. This agreement may also cause a chain reaction leading to chances of future agreements between other countries.

Although controversial, Trump has been advocating to actually build a wall on the border between Mexico and the United States. His wall may actually be effective, and building it is necessary to keep our nation secure. Additionally, it may drastically reduce the illegal immigration into the United States by around 95%. The difference that Trump’s wall has in comparison with other previous borders is that his wall is not just reinforcing old measures, but actually is securing places that illegal immigrants may attempt to enter from by having a physical object there to stop them. Once Americans feel that the border is secure, there will be a reduction in the fear that their votes may be misrepresented by non-Americans. 

All of this is not to say that it is quite clear that there is plenty of evidence that some of President Trump’s actions are morally incorrect. Even in public, some of his actions or words are unusual and frequently unfitting of the situations at the time. However, his actions towards his personal life should affect society as a whole less than his actions as president. 

People should learn more about the benefits Trump has brought to society because, although it may not change the opinions that people have toward him, it may help them lessen the unwavering, and somewhat unreasonable, dislike that they have while mentioning him. People should not attempt to cover up or only pull certain events out of context to support their own argument to brainwash others to their own view and allow others to form their own opinions by themselves.




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