Movie Theaters Should Be Abolished

By Brayden Yin

In these times, movie theaters are simply not needed anymore. With coronavirus risk spiking up again, the unnecessary businesses have to be reduced, and here are the reasons why.

Movie theaters are unnecessary, and sometimes dirty and unkempt. The food and tickets are overpriced, and some people have to drive more than fifteen minutes to go watch a movie. Also, it is easier to watch movies at home. At home, you just tap a few buttons on your phone, and you can start watching. Wouldn’t it be easier to buy a six pack of soda at the store for two bucks than buy it at the movie theater, where it costs over five dollars?

At movie theaters, you have to watch whatever there is in theaters. What if you don’t want to watch the movies that they have? You can easily rent or buy any movie you want to watch, at any time! Or even better, you can borrow them from the library!

With apps like Disney Plus, movie theaters just won’t make it. Additionally, amny theaters are starting to stream movies instead. Instead of going to the theater, people watch the movie on their devices.

Some people might say that movie theaters are fun, if overpriced. For many people, a movie theater is their only way to watch movies. For many, people do not have the money to buy a smartphone… but can go to a theater. However, this issue is easily solved. A friend can loan a device with a streaming app so they can watch the movie.

This may be hard, but to prevent the highly rising coronavirus, we must abolish movie theaters temporarily.



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