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Letter 1: Letter to Andrew Guan

Dear Mr. Andrew Guan,

Hope you are doing well, I just read your article about the Delta variant. I like the order of the paragraphs and how you explain all the necessary components of the Delta variant before giving opinions from experts and the community. This allows the readers to understand the virus. I also like how you comfort people by explaining how the vaccine offers strong protection against this variant and how experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci believes that the spread of the delta variant could be prevented.

I think you could add a bit to explain why the Delta variant is dangerous and why it matters to tell people who don’t think this is a serious problem. I did some research and found that this variant is more contagious. The delta variant is 60% more likely to spread to someone else compared to the U.K variant also known as the Alpha variant. There is also a surge of this variant in the U.K now and cases have gone up by 90%. This shows how deadly this variant could be and further emphasizes how this is a real and serious problem.


Vincent Ng

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