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Haiti is Facing Several Difficulties

By Ya Han Hsu

A small country located on an island on the Caribbean Sea, Haiti, has recently gone through a president assasiation, a seven point two magnitude earthquake, and now there is another storm coming ahead.

Haiti is the poorest country in the western atmosphere. A month ago, while dealing with the pandemic, another event which shocked the world happened. The president of Haiti was assassinated on the seventh of July. Twenty eight mercenaries were accused of being responsible for the death of Jovenel Moïse, president of Haiti. This event had caused attention around the globe and increased terror inside the country. The politics in the country is still unsteady. The judge and two court clerks who collect evidence for the investigation have been threatened by unknown visitors and phone calls, and are forced to go into hiding.

Later, on August fourteenth, a seven point two magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. It killed at least one thousand four hundred and nineteen people, left more than sixty nine hundred injured and an unknown number are still missing. Another problem is that the hospitals wouldn’t be able to help the people well when they are in fear of collapsing. In one hospital, the patients had to be moved out of the building for fear that the structure had been damaged by the earthquake.

On August sixteenth, the tropical storm Grace hit Haiti. The wind and rain would make it harder to rescue survivors.“That heavy rainfall can really lead to life-threatening flooding and mudslides and potentially urban flooding as well,” Michael Brennan, the branch chief of the center’s hurricane specialist unit said. Also, houses are destroyed by the earthquake, leaving more than thirty thousand families homeless. The storm would make their lives more difficult without doubt, and the world should be concerned and lend a hand to the country.









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