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Do Kids Need to Read Over the Summer?

By Ella Chen

Many people agree that reading is fun, but should everyone be required to read over summer break? Some say reading is needed over the summer to keep the mind fresh, while others say that kids need a break. I believe students should be required to read over summer break.

Reading can give you insightful knowledge, and even though you’re on break, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn anything. Reading would help you gain more knowledge that might help you down the road, and you could also get extra information for the next school year. You can learn new words and the books may inspire you to write. You may argue that during summer break, the last thing you want to do is learn, but reading for pleasure can teach you things. You don’t necessarily have to read a textbook in order to learn. Reading a historical fiction book can teach you about history while you are still reading for pleasure. Most summer reading lists have all genres of books and most of them aren’t study related, so everyone can find something they love.

Reading a book during the summer can replace screen time. Many people have problems with screen addiction, and left without something to do, spend their whole summer on their phone. Staring at a screen provides unhealthy blue light that can mess up your circadian rhythm, your body’s internal clock that decides when you sleep, keeping you up at night. Reading a paper book doesn’t emit blue light, which is much healthier for you. Reading an engaging book can be a healthy alternative, and you can be just as entertained. Just like there are different apps on the phone that different people like, there are also as many genres of books that different people like.

Since summer break is three months long, not learning anything can lead your brain to become rusty and forget things for next year. This learning gap can lead you to struggle in the beginning of the school year, but if we just kept our minds fresh with reading, the beginning of the year would be smoother and move much faster.

While it is nice to have a break during the summer, you shouldn’t spend the whole quarter year doing nothing, and reading is the perfect solution.




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