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Biden Visits Ukraine Nearly a Year After War Started

By: JJ G

Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine to demonstrate the US's support in the ongoing conflict with Russia.

Biden visited Ukraine because he thought that he and Zelensky had not had enough time together and wanted to talk in person. Also, by visiting in person, Biden has offered a singular image of American support for Zelensky. Biden also wanted to explore Ukraine’s landscape and what the Russians have done.

Not only did Biden visit Zelensky, but he also gave the Ukrainian military a half-billion dollars in new assistance. The package includes more military equipment. Also, Biden said there would be new sanctions imposed on Moscow soon.

The United States and other nations also sent tanks and ammunition to Ukraine in hopes of changing the war around.

Biden arrived at about 8 a.m., a long journey from Washington. He visited through a train to St. Michael’s Cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine. 30 minutes after arriving, he went to Mariinsky Palace. He departed Kyiv in the late afternoon. “Thank you for coming,” Zelensky said, shaking Biden’s hand.

Biden’s trip was shrouded in secrecy, a reflection of the steep security concerns. Biden’s public schedule did not reflect the trip, and White House officials repeatedly said last week that a visit to Ukraine was not in the works.

Biden decided he wanted to go two days before he went. Just to be safe he went with the top members of the oval office security team. A few hours before he departed from Washington, the United States informed Russia of the plans to visit the Ukrainian capital for “deconfliction purposes”

This story got posted 24 hours after Biden visited. “One year later, Kyiv stands. And Ukraine stands. Democracy stands,” Biden said.

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