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Baseball Broadcaster Passes Away at Age 94

By: Max Yang

A beloved person will never be seen again. The well-liked Vin Scully was the voice of the Dodgers. He broadcasted games for 67 years. Scully retired in 2016 and died peacefully in his home in Hidden Hills, California at age 94 on August 2nd, 2022.

Many people liked to follow Vin Scully for his information about baseball games. The information was always true, so fans could listen without being suspicious. This was what convinced people to follow him. Whenever he spoke, a legion of people listened. Scully was considered one of the best voices in baseball. “We have lost an icon,” Dodgers president and CEO Stan Kasten said in a statement Tuesday night.

Vin Scully has been broadcasting for over half his life. He was born in Brooklyn in 1927. In his early youth, he worked in a hotel in New York. One day, he discovered his passion for baseball when he saw the results of the Yankees v. Giants game in a laundromat. He felt sympathy for the Giants. Since he lived near baseball grounds and had other privileges, such as being in the Catholic Youth Organization, Vin was able to go the ball games for free. He became a “very big Giants fan”.

After, he chose to join the army for a while. After two years of training for the U.S. navy, he was released and began his career as a student broadcaster and journalist at Fordham University. He excelled in that course pf study. He was recruited by the CBS Radio for his above-average college football coverage, where he impressed his boss, Red Barber, even more with his coverage of the 1949 University of Maryland vs. Boston University football game.

In 1950, Red Barber, and a colleague made it to the Brooklyn Dodger’s broadcasting booth, replacing the team’s original sportscaster. When Barber got into a salary dispute with the World Series sponsor, Scully took his position. In 1954, Barber couldn’t take stand working with the Dodgers anymore, so he went to work with the New York Yankees. This is when Scully took his lifelong position. His first broadcasting job with the Dodgers He broadcasted until 1957.

Then, the Dodgers decided to move to California. Scully, of course, followed. Scully and the Dodgers took a few years to get familiar with the state. In 1964, Scully further proved his loyalty to the team be declining an offer from the Yankees. Then, in 1976, Vin Scully got popular as fans voted his as “most memorable personality.” Vin was a humanitarian. He loved people. He loved life. His outgoing personality led him to become more and more popular. Even though Vin Scully passed away, his legacy will be remembered by everybody. Rest in peace Mr. Scully.

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