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Are Booster Shots REALLY Necessary?

Dear Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing to present to you my opinion on the possible production of booster shots.

First, I want to address the subject of “total immunity” that the Pfizer vaccine generates. Although the vaccine may be nearly completely effective against the novel coronavirus strand, it provides significantly less protection against the Delta variant, which now dominates many parts of the world. According to a United Kingdom study, the Pfizer vaccine is only eighty-eight percent effective against the Delta variant after two doses. There have been many cases in the United States (so far) that involve fully vaccinated people being tested positive with Delta and some people have even been hospitalized.

Second, I oppose the idea of providing booster shots for those that are in very high risk of deadly infections. For example, what if the booster shot is not effective, and in turn, harms the host? Pfizer is a drugmaker company, and there is controversy that they are in this only for the money and may not be interested in saving lives.

Ultimately, Americans will be left alone to make a decision. However, the American government has a duty to put people’s lives first, instead of pharmaceuticals and the economy. I believe Pfizer is only searching for profit and that they do not have Americans’ interests at heart. I think that if the government decides to go ahead with the booster shots plan, they should consider well what it might mean for the future of Americans, young and old alike.

Best wishes,

Andrew Guan

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