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Americans Vote in Midterms

By: Stephen Chen

Voting is important for every single person. Voting is a symbol of freedom and civic power. For the rest of this essay, I will tell why it is important for everyone to vote and support.

It’s your right to vote. Many have died defending this right. Your vote impacts health care, job opportunities, education, social security, etc. This will happen if almost everyone votes rightly. Voting can also get more money from your country to your own region. You might have access to a larger education fund, your grandparents could get more pensions, and your parents will get some venture funds. It’s effective for you to vote.

No one can ensure the result if you don’t vote through your heart. Maybe other people’s decisions are different from yours and their voting creates results that you don’t want to see.

There won’t be any chance to complain. So, make sure that you vote before others take your place. For instance, when you vote in the school for a president of a student union, it’s possible to choose a person who you know well and have a good relationship with. It will give you some benefits after the election. If he/she becomes the president, maybe he/she will take more care of you as his/her supporter at school.

Voting decides where to spend taxes from you to your country. This impacts the environment around you like equipment, vegetation, and road in the community. According to the opinion of the person who you support, it will change some aspects of your life. Right decisions lead to convenient lives: more highways, job choices, and so on.

In conclusion, it’s effective to vote to show your choices to the country. All of the votes will be counted and can’t ignore. Just remember to be careful when you are voting, or you will wait until the next election.

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