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Adventure Into a Computer

By Celina Yin

A dog ran to his kennel and yelled “MOM! I’M GOING TO DO MY HOMEWORK!” The dog was yellow and a male dog. His name was Rocket. Rocket sat down at his desk and signed into his computer. He clicked into Google Chrome, and then he felt a weird sensation. The next thing he saw was a bunch of green ones and zeros. The Binary Code! Rocket was in a computer!

He immediately started to explore. He met Google Chrome, a friendly-looking circle with green, yellow, red, and blue. Rocket quickly made friends with it. Google Chrome let him sleep in Google Sheets. The next morning, Rocket and Google went onto Goodreads and checked out some books. A scary drone zipped his way while Rocket was reading the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in Goodreads. “Must capture… Must, must…” The drone hissed, its red robotics eyes glinting. A dozen more drones whipped past curtains and books. “AAUUGHHH!” Rocket yelled, panicked, and raced out of the door out of Goodreads. He fled past Solitaire and File Explorer and ended up in Microsoft Paint, in which Rocket hid in the clipboard. The lead drone snarled to the others, “Follow Chrome’s orders, search for the dog!” The drones headed in all directions.

Meanwhile, Rocket’s family had also been sucked into the computer but ended up in Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome. Rocket’s family, which included his sister, mom, and dad. There was his sister Jade, his mother Seashell, and his father called Panther. They rented 3 surfboards and went surfing in Microsoft Edge. Then, they got sucked into a whirlpool which turned out to be a portal, and ended up in Microsoft Paint, where Rocket and an unrealistically big paintbrush were dwelling.

The big paintbrush was strolling through the canvas, and a bunch of little paint cans followed him. Rocket yelled as one of the paint cans leaped on him and dumped a mass of yellow paint on him. The only thing the paint did was make Rocket more vivid, so another paint can sprayed Rocket with water and dumped red paint on him. Then the big paintbrush pointed at Jade, Seashell, and Panther. The little paint cans waddled towards them on little feet, jumped, and dumped paint on all of them, turning Jade emerald green, Seashell azure blue, and Panther crimson red.

Jade suggested blending in with the colors of Google Chrome, so they all did. But then Seashell got sucked into the blue area of Google Chrome! Jade, Rocket, and Panther all dived after her.

Then ended up in Rocket’s room again. But it was all a rainbow mess of flies! They freaked out when Rocket and his family came out of the computer. They flew everywhere in a frenzy, knocking over Rocket’s stack of books, and then, pieces of candy rained down. The bugs had pooped candy! Rocket tried one, and it was delicious!

A week later, there was a huge basket of candy that the bugs pooped. They pooped it every minute. Rocket took care of one specific one he named Petal, and she pooped his favorite candy and pooped the candy every 15 seconds. She was also a dragonfly mixed with a butterfly. She was a different color every day, for example, on Monday, she was blue, on Tuesday, she was green. Everyone in Rocket’s family, I mean EVERYONE, got a bug to keep. Jade got a butterfly, Seashell got a dragonfly, his grandmother got a ladybug, and Panther got a katydid. Rocket had an idea, and he got his craft glue and glued and taped the colorful candy wrappers of the sweets he had eaten into a sculpture of all of the events of the day, to remind him.

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