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Zoom Agrees to a Multi Million Privacy Lawsuit

By Ruiti He

Zoom has decided to pay eighty-five million dollars to better improve their security. This came from part of a preliminary settlement that was filed against them for privacy reasons and what was called “Zoombombing.”

The federal court that is filing Saturday had said that the subscribers will get 15% refunds or 25 dollars. The free users will get $15. The company also promised to give its workers training on handling sensitive data. Also let users know whenever there is a 3rd party data app that shares data. This prevents unauthorized people from joining meetings.

“The settlement still must be approved by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh of San Jose, Calif.”

The lawsuit has claimed that Zoom has shared information of it’s user’s without the customer’s consent with other companies. IT apparently didn;t do enough to prevent things like “Zoombombing” from happening.

Hackers join meetings without consent then show porography or rasict languages and disturb classes or meetings.

Zoom has not agreed to any wrongdoing in the settlement and said on Sunday that: “The privacy and security of our users are top priorities for Zoom, and we take seriously the trust our users place in us.”

“Zoom shares are up 12% year to date, and up nearly 50% over the past 12 months, compared with gains of 17% and 34%, respectively.”



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