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Worldwide Death

By Ruiti He

The world did not end in a band, or a whisper, but rather, one scream at a time. Everyone feared that this day would come, chaos was around every corner and no one was guaranteed to live. No wonder where you would go, the world would turn against you.

Viruses, natural disasters, killers; they were everywhere. It just seems as if you just couldn’t escape. Screams of pain could be heard everywhere. Children, women, men, elders, they were all dropping like flies. Their cries would only get louder as they grew closer to their death. Not one who has fallen victim to the disasters, viruses, or killers have survived.

Day by day, month by month, the human population began to disappear. The plants and animals have also started to regain their lost land as the number of humans continued decreasing as each day passed. Not even a year after the endless piles of corpses showing up everywhere, the last person on Earth has said their last final words to the world.

“So mother nature has decided to remind us that in the end, we are all humans. Every one of us are made of flesh that can be cut, bodies that can be invaded, and bones that can be broken.” He used his last ounce of strength to carve down his words and the date before falling into a forever slumber.

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