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Workers at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston Vote to Join Union

By Jasmine Wang

A large majority of the workers at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston have voted to join the United Auto Workers. By doing this, they have become one of the largest bargaining units in a large American cultural institution.

Their election resulted in a 133-14 vote. This poses multiple economic challenges to the officials, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Over the summer, the museum had begun enacting a few cost saving measures which included executive pay cuts as well as a staff reduction of about 100 employees through layoffs or early retirement. After closing in March, they reopened in September with 20 percent less employees.

The Museum of Fine Arts had made clear its opposition to unionizing, although it has never conducted an anti-union campaign or hired lawyers to stop union efforts.

In addition, workers at Film at Lincoln Center also voted in favor to join the union.

Through the union, employees hope to increase and advance diversity efforts and fair compensation for all workers.



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