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Why Teachers Should be Vaccinated

Dear Ms. Nyczak,

I am writing this to tell you how I feel about your article “Why my fellow teachers have to get vaccinated.”

First, I like how you stated details and paragraphs clearly. I also like how you added your personal experience, as well as ending with a strong conclusion. Additionally, you argued about why people should get vaccinated. Also, I liked how you asked questions to make the reader think. I like how your article came at the right time; school is about to reopen and kids are going back to school.

I agree with you that all teachers should be vaccinated. We need teachers, and they need to be vaccinated to continue with their teaching job. If a class’s teacher got Covid, the whole school would probably get infected. If a class’s teacher got Covid, what would the class do? Teachers are supposed to be of use whenever someone needs them, but if they didn’t have the teacher, what would they do? Teachers are essential workers, which means the society can’t run without them, and all the other essential workers like doctors and nurses are required to be vaccinated, so why can’t teachers be required to be vaccinated too? Vaccination is the best way to stop the virus from spreading or getting severe. I hope your article will convince more people that teachers should get vaccinated.


Celina Yin

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