Why did Trump Supporters Storm U.S. capital?

By Andrew Tan

Why did the rioters storm the U.S. capital? They did this because they tried to stop the confirmation of president-elect Joe Biden. Rioters refuse to admit that Trump lost the election. They got in at around 1 p.m.

The first thing that influenced Trump supporters was Trump. Trump gave a speech and told the protestors that they shouldn’t stay silent. An hour later, they tore down the barricades and went to the offices and halls of the capitol. Trump supporters said things such as : “Freedom” and “Trump won the election.” Rioters tried to break into a room where politicians were working. One woman was shot and killed during the riots and three others had medical emergencies. According to CBC kids news, “Trump published a video on Twitter telling his supporters that even though the election was "stolen," they have to go home now.” It took a few hours but the police secured the building. Trump later got blocked from using social media because he “promoted” the violence. The debate on whether the rioters are right or wrong continues, but the results are confirmed that Biden won the election.

This U.S. capitol storm means that many people support the idea that they want Trump to be president--even he did not win the election.



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