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Welcome to the Reading Corner!

Updated: Jun 18

Dear EWC Community,

Welcome to The Reading Corner! This school year, we look forward to being your partners in literacy, helping every student reach their fullest potential as readers and writers ...


That's right. This is open to everyone.

With only 35% of 4th graders and 34% of 8th graders performing at or above proficiency in reading throughout the country, it’s no wonder that effective literacy instruction is becoming increasingly critical.

The problem is: what if just reading and writing solely at school isn’t enough for your child to meet or exceed grade level expectations?

A study of 2.8 million students found that those who read 30 or more minutes per day with high comprehension (85 percent or higher) were nearly twice more likely than typical students to achieve the college and career readiness benchmarks for their grade.

So, high quality practice is absolutely essential for students to become confident readers, writers, and learners.

But, now you might be asking yourself - where do I find the time for that?

Between shuffling our children around to baseball practice, music lessons, or art shows all after a long day at work, the energy to sit down and motivate your child to keep their eyes open long enough to read a story can be difficult and taxing.

That’s why EWC is taking on that challenge for you! Here are the details:

  • Twice every month for the entire school year, we will be providing pop-up READING LABS.

  • These are virtual 45-minute to 1-hour sessions held every other week

  • Students can log on to Zoom, and our certified reading specialists will walk them through engaging activities, individualized instruction, and effective practice to give them the tools they need to be successful in English Language Arts this year.

Leading up to every session, parents can come visit The Reading Corner where we will weekly post new skills, tips, activities, and strategies that will keep you up to speed on the latest and greatest in reading instruction. Be sure to also follow our Instagram and Facebook for even more updates and resources!



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