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We Need to Start Taking Protocol Seriously

By: Evan Mei

Dear Editor,

We have been in this pandemic for 5 months now. The economy is exhausted, we the citizens are exhausted, and now some businesses don’t even require masks. Some people think that this is a “My body, My choice” situation. The problem is that this is not how this works. Your body in this pandemic can affect others. You are not just harming yourself and putting yourself at risk. Not wearing a mask can mean death for another person.

This is not a “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes” situtation. We all share this prize. We have been given the simplest of instructions, and still, people can find the most intricate ways to weasel their way out of the protocol. There are even people that think that this virus is a joke and hold parties to see who can get infected first. This is not a joke; this actually happened. And even worse, some people even think the virus is fake.

These people have informally been called, “Covidiots”. However, some of the biggest ones are in charge of the country. We don’t have time to stick around and play games with this virus. We need to take it down, and take it down fast. The large majority of Asian countries have already tackled the virus. Now, the world is waiting on us. America is the global superpower, but this virus is breaking our title.

Right now, we look like a joke. We look like a clown, entertaining the world by chasing a roadrunner then falling off a cliff taller than Mount Everest. This cannot continue. Masks must be worn, schools opened cautiously, and businesses following proper rules. Then, and only then, can we rest well.


Evan Mei

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