Trump Tries to Force Schools to Reopen

By Khrishnav Parasuraman

Last Wednesday, Trump pressured all the schools and colleges in the U.S. to reopen by fall. He threatens that he will take away federal money and support from schools that resist. 

 “At a White House event last Tuesday, health and education officials argued that keeping students out of school this fall would pose greater health risks than any tied to the coronavirus.” Another person pushing for school reopening is Sherri A. Berger - chief of the CDC. On Tuesday Trump said that their guidelines were “very tough and expensive.” Then Robert Redfield said the CDC guidelines are only recommendations.  

Health experts say making the issue political makes it harder to reopen schools. “It really distracts from what I think we need, which is real solutions and a plan in order to make this happen,” said Jennifer Nuzzo of Johns Hopkins University’s Covid-19 Testing Insights Initiative. Trump so far has not been able to stop Covid cases. There have been 3.37M cases in the U.S. so far.


CDC School Recommendations 

Washington Post Article

Covid Numbers

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