Trump’s Casino is being blown up!

By Andrew Tan

You don’t hear this everyday: one of Donald Trump’s Atlantic City casinos is being blown up. It isn’t like some people just blow it up. Someone is paying to do it!

The casino, named Trump Plaza, closed in 2016 and was demolished a bit. Instead of simply blowing it up, the mayor wants to end it with a bang. This is how it works: an auction company has been accepting bids, and the highest bidder gets to press the button to blow it up. This is for a good cause after all. First of all, the building is closed and partially demolished, and second of all, this is for a fundraiser for teens and children. U.S. President Donald Trump opened the casino in 1984 for many high-profile boxing matches. According to CBC Kids news, “Trump cut most ties with Atlantic City in 2009 aside from a 10 per cent fee for the use of his name on what were then three casinos in the city.” Since then, all casinos have been either closed or sold. Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small said that he wanted to use the demolition as a way to raise money for a charity. More than $1 million could be raised from these biddings.

Now, Small hopes that the fundraiser will raise more than $1 million to the local youth group.



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