Trump Requests a Georgia Vote Recount for a Third Time

By Jasmine Wang

President Trump has requested Georgia’s 5 million votes to be recounted for a third time since his loss was within the legal margin for the request.

The president lost by 12,670 votes, which is equivalent to .26 percentage points. The state of Georgia allows a losing candidate to ask for a recount as long as they are within .5 percentage points.

Unlike the previous week, in which thousands of workers hand counted all 5 million votes, this time, the ballots are getting tabulated through a counter machine - just like how they were originally counted during the election days.

Trump and his supporters have also been attacking other states, demanding them to maintain election integrity. They claim that these other states should stop counting illegal ballots.

The recount using the machine is unlikely to change the results. It will also be more accurate than the votes being hand counted, which also confirmed Biden’s victory over Trump.



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