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Tropical Storm Nalgae Hit the Philippines Hard and Kills and Wounds Many People.

By: AB G

In early November, the Philippines have been hit by a level one typhoon that killed over 100 people and flooded villages. Tropical Storm Nalgae, also known as Paeng, hit not only the Philippines but also Hong Kong and Macau. This typhoon was exceptionally large and severe.

Although the Philippines, located in Southwest Aria along the ring of fire, is very disaster-prone and suffers from many volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, this storm was unusual even for them. The typhoon was able to develop because of warm waters and a low wind shear according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. Due to the JTWC’s warning the Philippines were able to prepare for the deadly storm. They had canceled many flights, and many sports events. “When the people heard the warning bells, they ran up and gathered in a church on a high ground,” Naguib Sinarimbo.

A day before the storm had even hit, there was flooding and landslides and at least 45 people died. After the storm tore through the small country, it left behind 156 reported deaths, 121 deaths confirmed, many more wounded, and 37 missings. More than 15,000 houses were destroyed so this was an extremely terrorizing time for everyone. “It was hit by torrents of rainwater with mud, rocks, and trees that washed out houses,” Sinarimbo said.

Global Warming likely had a huge impact on the severity of this storm. Warmer oceans are most likely to cause more severe typhoons. The Philippines will have many terrible storms and typhoons to come. Not only will cleaning up take an extremely long time and a lot of money, but the cost in terms of human lives will be unimaginable. “


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