Tropical Storm Closing in on Florida and New England

By Colin Wang

The Tropical Storm Isaias will continue towards Florida’s east coast after pummeling the Bahamas with heavy rains and powerful winds.  Isaias was previously a hurricane and then downgraded to a tropical storm.  The tropical storm gathered winds up to 65 miles per hour and might be able to bring 1-7 inches of rain from Florida to New England this week.  Last Sunday, the center of the storm was about 55 miles off Florida’s east coast. In the next 36 hours, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) expects the storm to hit the coasts of Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  The NHC cautioned that a dangerous storm surge was possible from Edisto, South Carolina to Cape Fear, North Carolina.  It was said that the water could rise between 2-4 feet along the coast in the next 48 hours and 1-3 feet along the coasts of Florida and Georgia.  Isaias is expected to stay a tropical storm throughout the week as it heads up the east coast.  Much of the east coast will experience flash and urban flooding as well as ocean swells and tornadoes. 



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