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Tokyo Olympics Receives More Disheartening News

By Sophia Mao

This past week, the Tokyo Olympics have been hit by not one or two, but three disappointing events amongst covid concerns.

Foremost, the biggest and most influential car company in Japan decided to revoke its Olympics-themed television advertisements in Japan. Toyota most likely did this due to the state of emergency in Japan. Cases have been rapidly rising from the highly contagious delta variant.

Toyota doesn’t just put ads or make cars in Japan. It’s one of the biggest patrons for the Tokyo Games; Toyota supplies thousands of transportation vehicles for the athletes. Jun Nagata, a representative for the company, said “It’s becoming an Olympics where a lot of things are not understood.”

The second disheartening event was unfortunate, but expected. Two olympic athletes were tested positive for the virus, an alternate gymnast and tennis star.

Kara Eaker, a women’s gymnast alternate, tested positive in a training camp in Japan. Another teammate who had been in close proximity with her was placed on “standby.”Meanwhile, the 17 year old tennis star Coco Gauff was also tested positive. Coco was expected to lead the U.S. in women’s tennis, but now she is unable to compete.

The star shared her disappointment on social media by posting, “I am so disappointed to share the news that I have tested positive for COVID and won't be able to play in the Olympic Games in Tokyo.” Both players are now in quarantine.

To wrap it up, the music composer for the opening ceremony of the Olympics- Keigo Oyamada- was reported of bullying his classmates in the past. He even admitted to tormenting a student with disabilities. Tokyo Olympics organizers said they were not aware of the musician’s past actions, but initially said they hoped he would continue to participate in the festival.

Oyamada apologized, saying “I offer my heartfelt apology ... In my school days and at the time of the interviews, I was a very immature man who could not imagine how the victimised feel.” He followed up his apology with the resignation from the event just four days before the ceremony.

These latest events have probably caused a series of headaches and embarrassments for the Olympic organizers. We can only hope that despite the discouraging news, the Tokyo Olympics will carry on smoothly.


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