Tokyo Olympics Organizers Seek to Save Endangered Games

By: Alina Dang

Currently, the Tokyo Olympics organizers plan to save the Olympic Games that have been disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although the organizers are making health and safety plans, they are still not sure if the games can be held next year.

The organizers are considering such measures a year ahead of the rescheduled Olympic Games that were originally planned to occur this week before the coronavirus hit.

Organizers have to consider if the number of spectators will have to be reduced in order to prevent the virus from spreading. Toshiro Muto, chief executive of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, has already said that athletes and officials would need to be tested in Japan before and during the Games. However, he said discussion was needed with the government and the city of Tokyo about guidelines for spectators.

“It would be extremely difficult for us to test everyone. Spectators may be tested instead before they leave their own countries. ”Mr. Muto said. He also added that spectators might be told to bring documentation showing they are not infected with the virus.

Indoor venues for Olympic events pose a greater risk for the spread of the Covid-19 than outdoor venues. However, according to Mr. Muto, indoor events could not be moved outside because so many related events would also have to be relocated, including the athletes’ news conferences, medal ceremonies and doping tests.

Changes to make sure that the Games can occur next year could take a long time to finish. In the Wall Street Journal, Alastair Gale wrote, “The organizers have given themselves through the end of the year to compile the main steps to deal with the coronavirus, but Mr. Muto said adjustments may have to be made right up to the start of the Games. Olympic planners are also trying to limit additional costs that may run into several billion dollars. A cancellation could also be very costly.” While we all look forward to the Olympics taking place next year, planners there is a risk that it will not happen.

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