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Tik-Tok Influencer Remi Bader Judged Because of Weight at Horse Riding Ranch

By: Sunnie Gao

While visiting Deep Hollow Ranch, Tik-Tok influencer Remi Bader was denied permission to ride a horse because of her weight. Remi later said that she was laughed at by someone working on the ranch. And an employee even posted a video on Tik-Tok, saying, “when you’re not a fat b----, you can ride at Deep Hollow Ranch.”

The World Obesity Federation defines weight stigma as “the discriminatory acts and ideologies targeted towards individuals because of their weight and size.” People are facing weight-related discrimination everywhere, at stores, restaurants, on public transportation, and in healthcare settings. “Fat-shaming” has become so common nowadays that sometimes we don’t even notice it.

Some examples of weight stigma(fat-shaming) according to the NCOA are the belief that people who are obese are lazy, they don’t have willpower or discipline, they are undesirable and unattractive, they are unintelligent, they have poor hygiene, and many other false and hurtful beliefs.

According to the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), weight stigma can have serious social, psychological, and physical effects. Some of these effects include having low self-esteem, depression and anxiety, rejection, unfair treatment(lower pay, less likely to get a job…), and harmful weight control practices (Unhealthy diets, eating disorders). Treating someone differently in a negative way because of their body or weight is extremely hurtful and rude, and can cause harm to that person very easily.

Supporters of the decision say that the ranch is not really at fault for this act of discrimination, as a veterinary study from Ohio State University’s Agricultural Technical Institute found that horses can’t comfortably bear more than 20% of their weight. The Real reason why Remi made this public was because of the discrimination she faced while she was there. Remi stated, “the way I was spoken [to] and laughed at … and the way I was treated overall,” including the video posted by a ranch employee “who made it very clear that they did not want me there because of my weight and that’s very disappointing.”

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