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The World’s Oldest and Animal Has His Birthday

By: JJ G

Last month, Jonathan the Seychelles giant tortoise turned 190 years old. He is the oldest land animal on earth, earning a Guinness world record.

When he turned 190 there was a big party for Jonathan, including his very own salad cake: lettuce in the shape of a cake. He also got to be on one of Saint Helena’s coins and he lived on the island of Saint Helena.

Scientists still do not how old Jonathan is, but in 1882 he was brought to Sir William Grey-Wilson as a gift, who lived in Saint Helena. Sir Grey-Wilson became the governor of Saint Helena from 1887 to 1897 and he brought Jonathan to his government house called the Plantation House. Currently, there are thirty other tortoises keeping him company. Experts and scientists estimate that Jonathan must have been born around 1832.

The species of Seychelles is known for living a long time. For Example, one tortoise is claimed to have lived to 255 years old. Jonathan’s vet Joe Hollins has taken good care of him. Joe said, “Jonathan is probably older than 190.” But Saint Helena’s current Governor Nigel Phillips made his official birthday on December 4th 1832.

When Jonathan was born there was no technology, light bulbs, and TVs. There were not even typewriters or photographs. This shows how much his life and the world changed. But this did not get in his way. Joe Hollins said that he is happy as long as he can eat and sleep.

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