The Voting Age Should Not Be Lowered: Opinion

By Warren Feng

Voting is a privilege that is available to American citizens 18 years old and up. Many people have debated whether the age at which you can vote should be lowered. I strongly believe that it shouldn’t.

18 is a good age to start voting. Many people say that if someone can drive they can vote, and many people can agree that 18 is a good time to start driving. Also, kids under the age of 18 aren’t mature enough, Sophia Hou, a kid who participated in the Time For Kids debate thinks that the age should be decreased. She says that, “Young people might have different opinions than adults.” and that “different perspectives can be valuable.” However, most kids follow their parent’s opinions. Say the voting age was 11, voting is considered a hard decision for many people, which is why the candidates try to convince voters with things like commercials. If kids can’t think of who to vote for, they will just pick whichever their parents pick, even if the child doesn’t know why they would vote for that candidate. This makes for multiple biased votes.



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