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The US Is Now Averaging 100,000 New Cases Per Day

By Emily Gu

As of right now, daily cases are averaging 100,000 in the U.S. This milestone was last reached during the rise of cases in the winter. This was proof of how fast the Ddelta variant was spreading.

The U.S. was averaging 11,000 daily cases in late june, but now the number has skyrocketed to 107,143.

The daily cases had peaked at 250,000 in early January, and then they decreased and bottomed out in June. Now the cases have gone back up, over 100,000, despite the fact that the vaccine has been distributed to over 70% of the adult population.

The weekly average for daily deaths has also risen, from about 270 deaths per day to 500, as of friday.

The unvaccinated are more at risk to the virus. It is spreading quickly through them, especially in the south, where hospitals are full of patients.

Health officials worry that the cases will continue to rise if the unvaccinated Americans don’t take it soon.

Models show that if the people don’t get vaccinated, the daily cases will skyrocket to several hundreds of thousands, like what happened in early january.

The amount of hospitalized Americans is so overwhelming that hospitals around the U.S. are running out of beds.

Because so many hospitals don’t have space, some patients have to be brought to different, farther, hospitals.

Last weekend, a patient in Houston had to be brought to another hospital in North Dakota to get medical treatment. That’s how bad it’s gotten.

On Friday, Mike Parson announced that 30 ambulances and over 60 medical personnel will be stationed across Missouri, to help transport COVID-19 patients when hospitals are too full to take them in.

Source: https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2021/08/07/1025753258/the-u-s-is-now-averaging-100-000-new-covid-19-infections-a-day

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