The Underwater Lab

By Andy Dong

Ocean explorers are building an underwater lab for other ocean explorers. 

Fabien Cousteau, who is an underwater explorer, had planned to build an underwater lab named Proteus. The Earth is made up mostly of ocean, but the ocean remains largely unexplored. It is only 5% explored. Even space has more attention than the ocean. More people have gone to the moon than explored the ocean. Fabien Cousteau believes that exploring the ocean is very important. “It’s our life support system. It is the very reason why we exist in the first place,” says Cousteau, from NewsForKids.net. But even though the ocean is all around us, it is still very hard to explore. It is very hard for divers to go back up to the surface, and divers also have to wait many many hours before diving again. This is why some ocean explorers and scientists are building an underwater lab. This lab is named Proteus. Proteus can be a home to up to 12 people at the same time. Proteus gets its energy by solar panels and the movement of the sea. A person named Yves Behar designed Proteus. People estimate that it will cost about 135 million dollars.



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